the interactive space

the interactive space

the interactive space is at the heart of the centre, and forms the primary environment for the training course or exercise. Examples of the types of environment, include a construction site, the scene of an incident (building, highway, shopping centre, stadium, town, festival) to name but a few. 

the interactive space contains the following key features:

• A10 m, 150 degree curved screen that display the immersive virtual training environment, using the XVR On Scene Simulation platform.
• A fully simulated surround system, that means you hearing sense can come into play. If something is really behind you in the environment, you will only hear it behind you for example, giving you the very realistic experience. 
• Ancillary features such as lighting/smoke effects, which can be used to enhance the immersion, by making the environment feel as though you were there – for example, at a festival there would be loud music, flashing lights and stage affects – we recreate that environment in the simulation centre, so you feel like you are there.
• The use of simulated smells again enhances the realism of the environments we create to maximise the delegates training experience

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