the control & observation room

the control & observation room 

the control & observation room is a key element to all training courses at the simulation centre, as this is where the courses are run, developed and monitored from. This is a key part of the simulation centre, as it enables learning specialists and coaches to observe delegates without being in the same room, and breaking the immersive bubble. 


the control & observation toom contains the following key features:

  • 5 Monitoring and control stations for observing delegates in the break out rooms and offices via the secured CCTV system, both visual and audio. All of which can be downloaded and given to the delegates to watch back. 
  • operation of the XVR On Scene 3D virtual environment used primariliy in the interactive space, but also the break out office and rooms, allowing real-time live chnages, remote from the delegates
  • interlinked telephone system - observers and controllers can make and receive calls to the offices. It is here where delegates call through to, and observers take on the roles of customers, suppliers, workers etc
  • the base for the actors - actors liase with the observers and learning specialists to feed back on delegates, as well as agree the roles they are taking on, which again can be adapted live duing training. 
  • it's absolutely key for keeping delegates immersed, by preventing the need for artificially inserted injects, or having ab observer in the corner of the actual room the delegates in - all of this ensures a more natural and realistic response and behaviour form the delegate, ensuring greater quality training and development. 

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