our approach

what we do

Our approach is based on the principles that people learn from personal experiences (learning by doing) and that repeating an experience consolidates learning (purposeful practice).  Together we create an immersive environment that enables people to learn from their experience; safely, quickly and independently.  This approach supports the retention and assimilation of knowledge, skills and behaviours

Real - Working together we create your immersive simulated work environment.
Relevant - The simulations are based on specific business objectives that are developed in conjunction you.  
Repeatable - Consistent, accessible and controllable simulations enable replay and reruns to reinforce the learning objectives
Reflective - Feedback and coaching are used to explore decisions, actions, situational awareness, leadership and behaviours, to develop personal improvement and change


The simulation centre can be used for either assessment or development

our approach

the building

what is here

The Simulation Centre is a unique, purpose built facility in the centre of Coventry. Utilising digital technology the centre is used to create fully immersive, real time, virtual training environments. There are the following assets:-

  • A 10 m curved screen that display the immersive virtual training environment, using the XVR Simulation platform
  • Eight break out rooms and another larger meeting room, all connected with audio and CCTV to monitor activity
  • Dedicated Wi-Fi and data connection ports in each room
  • An observation room with five monitoring CCTV stations Interlinked telephone system, allowing calls to be made to and from the rooms and observation room.


Fully serviced conference amenities are available

the training

how we do it

Our training is based on research and has been successfully demonstrated over many years by aviation, the military and medical professions.  It involves learning by doing, reflection, evaluation, analysis, action planning and continuous development. By undertaking a simulation you demonstrate your response to the situation.  Then learning from the experience, with feedback, mentoring and coaching, allows you to improve and understand how you would handle a similar situation in the future.

Integrating the simulation centre facilities and our experiential learning approach enables us to create a safe learning space to develop, practice and explore.    This approach has a greater and immediate impact compared to traditional training methods for leadership and management skills. 

  • High levels of engagement
  • Greater retention and assimilation of knowledge
  • Procedural and process compliance checking
  • Safe environment 
  • Real experiences to facilitate learning without any commercial, organisational or PR consequences
  • Use of virtual resources, not actual resources
  • Peer review, learning from each - develop a learning culture


the training

the benefits

world class training

Lessons learnt relate to your organisational learning objectives

Accelerated learning, learn more in less time

Individual learning - participants understand their strengths and areas for improvement.

Greater retention of knowledge and skills than traditional approaches

A safe environment without actual consequences to your organisation

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