XVR Simulation Platforms

At the simulation centre, we utilise the market leading XVR On Scene products that enables us to create fully interactive, real time changeable, virtual training environment. 

The XVR Media Management Module, Crisis Media, which allows us to create realistic simulated media that enhance to realism of the training, is also available for our courses. 

XVR On Scene

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With the XVR On Scene Simulation Platform, we are able to teach, train, exercise and evaluate. The platform allows us to create and manipulate 3D virtual training environments, particularly focused at the disaster and emergency management and construction sectors.

The instructors have years of experience in training with the XVR On Scene platform, and it is designed as a supporting tool to instructors, giving them maximum flexibility to create scenarios according to specific training objectives. 

XVR On scene is used with the 10 metre, 150 degree curved simulation screen located within the simulation centre, but is also available in each of the 10 offices within the simulation centre. 

The Simulation Centre as a whole, combined with XVR On Scene allows delegates to benefit from experiencing situations in an environment that is safe, controllable, measureable and repeatable. It is a powerful tool that helps trainees understand concepts by experience, acquiring practical knowledge in a relatively short timeframe as well as the ability to practice real life skills.   

•    Participants are able to walk, drive, fly or sail around in simulated reality. Based on their observations they can assess the risks and take appropriate measures
•    The facilitators are in control of the scenarios and the learning experience. During the exercise, the instructors are able to respond to delegates decisions
•    The scenarios are completely adaptable to different situations, and areas with objects and assets from specific countries for example to maximise the realism 
•    Using XVR and the simulation centre we can train repeatedly with the cost of real life field training exercises, and also allows delegates to be trained on their teamwork, encounter different situations and learn from them.     

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XVR Crisis Media Module

Cooperation and communication plays an important role in any process. The XVR Crisis Media module is a simulated media package that makes is possible to simulate a variety of media channels and information flow in different situations, that can be used during exercises. Like XVR On Scene, the exercise facilitators are in control of the scenarios. 

Through the creation of these media channels, such as XVR News & Sim TV News, Quacker (Twitter), Faceplace (FaceBook) to name but a few, we are able to support training exercises with this element that in turn creates a more realistic environment for the delegates.

The different media sources can be populated with various numbers of news stories and social media posts to create the busy feeling of the real media. We are also able to control which communication channels are available to different participants, to represent the real access they would have in their day to day jobs.

During the exercise, messages can be displayed on the different media channels automatically or from the instructor, and the delegates also have the opportunity to post / respond to social media posts. This in turn gives the delegates opportunities be trained on how to respond, as well as analyse the reliability and act upon the different information available.  

•    Delegates can learn how to analyse respond to and communicate information in a crisis situation.
•    Delegates are able to practice in a safe and controllable environment
•    Up to 20 workstations can be in use at the same time
•    XVR Media can be used independently or in conjunction with XVR On Scene 
•    It is an excellent media training tool, that can be used in a variety of different situations, not just a crisis! 


XVR Crisis Media Gallery

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