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leading edge, purpose-built, centre of excellence

The Simulation Centre is an award winning, leading edge, purpose built training facility, located in the centre of Coventry - it encompasses experiential learning in an immersive environment

the Simulation Centre is a versatile facility that can be incorporated into many different training environments, including:

•    Disaster and Emergency Management 
•    Crowd Safety
•    Organisational Resilience
•    Business Continuity 
•    Situational Awareness
•    Emergency Planning
•    Humanitarian Response
•    Community Resilience 
•    Environmental Impact
•    Leadership and Management
•    Customer Service
•    Health and Safety
•    Auditing 
•    Crisis Communications
•    Media & Communications 
•    Policy & Procedural 
•    Plan Exercising 
•    Negotiation
•    Assessment Centres



Experiential learning in an immersive environment creates the opportunity to “transport” people into a situation where they are engaged at greater depth than traditional role play. We can make workplace learning a more memorable and meaningful learning experience.

By tackling scenarios in a dynamic environment, people develop the skills to resolve issues in an appropriate way. This really is learning by doing, in context, in a safe environment.

"The best way of learning about anything is by doing" Richard Branson

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