crowd safety

crowd safety

Crowd safety management is a diverse realm that includes activities such as planning, site and event design, management of staff and the public, site operations, risk management, monitoring, communications and more. Crowded places range from large-scale entertainment venues such as festivals and stadia, to urban locations, including transport hubs and retail sites. The events sector alone is worth £42 billion to the UK economy, supporting more than half a million jobs, and millions of people pass through UK crowded spaces every day. 

At Coventry University the School of Energy, Construction and Environment (ECE) brings together a range of disciplines that impact upon crowd safety under the umbrella of our unique MSc programme in Crowded Places & Public Safety Management. Specialisms include crowd management, health and safety, risk management, incident leadership, emergency planning, training and exercising, and more. The lecturers are experts in their field and actively research best practice and new technologies.  All this knowledge and educational expertise is available to input and advise on crowded places courses in the simulation centre. 

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organisational resilience

When every decision matters, high-performing businesses need cutting-edge solutions to ensure their teams are prepared to face every kind of challenge. Whether the threat is intrinsic or extrinsic, realistic environments support the development of teams and plans, enabling organisations to feel confident that they are ready to manage the worst. From business continuity solutions to crisis management and leadership, simulation can provide the confidence that organisations and their investors need.

emergency responders

Combining the simulation centre and XVR On Screen Scene Simulation platform, we are able to examine both technical and non-technical skills across a huge range of scenarios. Through the use of the centre's facilities, different scales of incidents can be created to test staff at every stage of their career.


Utilising digital technology to create a realistic immersive virtual site the simulation centre enables you to work on a construction site. By undertaking real life scenarios and interacting with real people to enhance leadership skills, behavioural health and safety, quality and productivity. Also BIM models can  be displayed.

social media

Social Media and its impact is an important aspect of any business. In recognition of this, we can integrate it into any course. Using the new XVR Media management module we are able to replicate realistic media articles that enables participants how to deal with the media and public reactions in in live exercises.

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