the break out offices

the break out offices  

the simulation centre contains 8 construction portacabins, that are used as break out offices as part of the training courses we provide. These can be setup bespoke to suit the needs of the course. For example, they could a construction site office, an event control room, an incident room, a meeting room or as a remote location to the interactive scene.  There is also a larger office - Office 1, which can be used for team activities.

the break out offices contain the following key features: 

•    Each of the office contain a Full HD 55” display screen. The screen can be used to display virtual aerial, body cam or CCTV footage from within the virtual environment, different sectors of an incident, videos, presentations, or simulated media, for example.
•    A PC is provided in each, or alternatively, delegates can connect their own HDMI devices up to screen in each room. 
•    Stereo Sound system is available, and each office is also soundproof, so individual activities can take place.
•    The offices contain an interlinked telephone system, and we are able to create bespoke directories for each course to simulate delegates contacting their real customers, suppliers or stakeholders for example.
•    Ethernet connectivity is available upon request, in advance to the complimentary Wi-Fi.
•    Relevant information to the specific course. For example, as a construction site office, all the site plans, policies and procedures will be included. 

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