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social media

the impact of social media is significant for any aspect of business. how its used? why its used? the benefits? the drawbacks? customer perceptions? the consequences? social media is key for every business operating today, and this is why we can embed it into all our courses, for all sectors. 

Through the use of the XVR Media Management Module, XVR Crisis Media, we are able to replicate all forms of media, from news channels, all forms of social media sites, news papers, email systems, incident reports, to a database of files. The key element is it looks real, it feels real, delegates can interact (or not interact!) with it like real, but it is completely isolated & secure as it is a simulated platform. 

Lets think about an example. You're at work, undertaking day-to-day tasks. In walks a journalist to discuss the recent event that occured at your work place. You talk away, the journalist makes notes and takes some pictures. The next thing you know is an article has gone live on the local news channel, newspaper and been posted all over social media. Should you have said what you did? How will you're customers percieve it? What will head office say? Should you have even spoken at all? None of this matters in this case - because it has all been simulated in the secure environment. XVR News, Sim TV News, Quacker, FacePlace and Videonow! have all gone viral, but it hasn't been seen in the real world. However, it has provided the delegate with a valuable learning opportunity in the simulated environment, and enhances the realism of our simulations. 

It doesn't have to be a crisis situation though. Any business can benefit from training at the simulation centre, utilising the media simulator, and have the opportunity to learn & develop, and see the potential consequences of messages, as well as the benefits of using the different social media platofrms for conveying messages. 

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crowd safety

Through the use of virtual environments, such as festivals, stadia, shopping malls and transport hubs, we are able to simulate every facet of a live show, event or crowded public space - from the front line to the event control centre. The approach enables the testing of decision making of event professionals.

organisational resilience

When every decision matters, high-performing businesses need cutting-edge solutions to ensure their teams are prepared to face every kind of challenge. Whether the threat is intrinsic or extrinsic, realistic environments support the development of teams and plans, enabling organisations to feel confident that they are ready to manage the worst. From business continuity solutions to crisis management and leadership, simulation can provide the confidence that organisations and their investors need.

emergency responders

Combining the simulation centre and XVR On Screen Scene Simulation platform, we are able to examine both technical and non-technical skills across a huge range of scenarios. Through the use of the centre's facilities, different scales of incidents can be created to test staff at every stage of their career.


Utilising digital technology to create a realistic immersive virtual site the simulation centre enables you to work on a construction site. By undertaking real life scenarios and interacting with real people to enhance leadership skills, behavioural health and safety, quality and productivity. Also BIM models can  be displayed.

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